Aafreen Alfaaz

I've talked about poetry, writers, beginning, prior to this blog and now I would like to talk about that one key element which helps us blossom beyond the mortal existence, Words (Alfaaz). Words which flow effortlessly and slowly enrich your heart are indeed the most sublime gift from a poet to the reader. The ones [...]

Here’s a way out

I found something Something I wish to desperately share Share with someone who'd listen, who'd listen and care Care enough to consider it more than a joke Joke is laughable but this something is not Not for me, not now or ever; for it keeps me awake Awake with the dark and quiet walls Walls [...]

For it might happen

She always told me to be patient for what I wanted and only with time I'll get what I wish for, I'll get what I need; She always told me to think about them before 'I', even if they become the reason why I cry; And it was another always for which she said, don't [...]

Married Marida

I thought I have control Over what I do and what I don’t. But he, summoned me "To marry him" not surprised. I am one gorgeous djinn. I was created before. before Aphro the deity walked Over the clouds, before Helen became Mother To a zillion shrouds. before the Oldest one Created Adam and all. [...]

Does it make sense?

Does it make sense that we all want to read or watch certain things and they are just lying around us, so easily that they aren't exciting anymore... Doesn't excites me. Doesn't makes me want to want it any longer. Inspirational quotes, random memes, silly jokes, puns and stupid social guns. (Yes I just rhymed, [...]

A for Amends

It took a lot longer while to convince myself about which I had already convinced others; and damn, it ushered upon me with a lot many goosebumps than initial drill. Maybe, it all got piled over with petty things I gave more soil to, thinking they'd get me the sunshine I need to make my [...]

Look away

You look at me gazing to taste my skin colour I stare and un-stare a reckless sigh How could you dare? my pink got red very recent. Constant lurking, sir, it is not Decent. Do blink those surveillances atleast once or twice I was born of a women maybe, you from only a man so [...]

A woman like Her

Forgive me for I had no man whatsoever, behind me while I walked casually through parks in spring. I didn't allow any man to hold my hand while I crossed the road, I'm cautious myself. Would you pardon me? For being stared at with a hungry gaze does not appear orgasmic to me. I find [...]