Aafreen Alfaaz

I've talked about poetry, writers, beginning, prior to this blog and now I would like to talk about that one key element which helps us blossom beyond the mortal existence, Words (Alfaaz). Words which flow effortlessly and slowly enrich your heart are indeed the most sublime gift from a poet to the reader. The ones [...]


Fallen Angels

What are you talking about? Do you even know who I am? How could you force your assumptions crumbling my pure efforts? Have you felt what I felt? Did you think of the other before the rigid 'you' that's entangled onto your timid existence? Answers or silence, I'll step forward with either. I stood there [...]


“When we are surrounded by such diversity - in nature, in culture, in human spirit  how can we stand not to acknowledge it?” ― C. N. Lester "Life" This very word encircles aspects which include everything from what we understand, experience, feel, think, question, create, destroy and also the happenings which get blurry. For there [...]