Aafreen Alfaaz

I've talked about poetry, writers, beginning, prior to this blog and now I would like to talk about that one key element which helps us blossom beyond the mortal existence, Words (Alfaaz). Words which flow effortlessly and slowly enrich your heart are indeed the most sublime gift from a poet to the reader. The ones [...]



Only if the Sun could know how deeply I've loved him - I wonder if he'll chase the night I wonder if he'll be by my side I wonder I wonder a million more time; But seek no reckless lover for some unnecessary rhyme. Yet I wait maybe he'll cool at dawn I look up [...]

Look away

You look at me gazing to taste my skin colour I stare and un-stare a reckless sigh How could you dare? my pink got red very recent. Constant lurking, sir, it is not Decent. Do blink those surveillances atleast once or twice I was born of a women maybe, you from only a man so [...]

A woman like Her

Forgive me for I had no man whatsoever, behind me while I walked casually through parks in spring. I didn't allow any man to hold my hand while I crossed the road, I'm cautious myself. Would you pardon me? For being stared at with a hungry gaze does not appear orgasmic to me. I find [...]


"They think they remain the same all through; Not knowing they Change each Second a new. Trying so hard So bad to be bold, Only because it survives, were told By someone who Sighed weak at core When did humans Turned such a bore. One emotion. One feeling. One stature. All the damn time?! Or [...]

Be someone’s CONSTANT

It's been a while since I believed in that term. The term which seems so hopeful that nothing else could dim the light within. 'CONSTANT' I figured out that if we have our own 'constant' in most respects then surely walking through flaming coal is as easy as dancing in those cottoning clouds. That's a [...]

Cotton Candy Clouds

Those clouds heard her aloud. Whatever she said; Every whisper, every shout. With a subtle swim across the sky, Forward to her - As much that cotton candy could try. Just at the verge of her fall they reached, ' Don't let them free, Conceal - Don't feel. ' - winds preached. Alas, her fall [...]

‘Milestones’ – Star Marked⭐

Have you ever criticized yourself? So badly that you started thinking you're the most incapable and weak person? Did you end up quitting? But did you know you weren't the only one? Yes, most of the crowd which surrounds you, people who talk of success around you, each person you see trying again and all [...]