Aafreen Alfaaz

I've talked about poetry, writers, beginning, prior to this blog and now I would like to talk about that one key element which helps us blossom beyond the mortal existence, Words (Alfaaz). Words which flow effortlessly and slowly enrich your heart are indeed the most sublime gift from a poet to the reader. The ones [...]


I owe it to you

I owe all of it... to you. Yes, I know how you picked me up in your arms and took me to places, keeping me away from those who disgusted at my birth. I may have been unconscious as an infant but I was right there curled up near your heartbeats. I felt it. I've [...]

Love and Be-Loved

'Being in love is overrated' - Is it? Really? Dear Loveable heart, Yes, It has been observed, it has been felt how much love changes a person's behaviour. Even the harsh voices shrill down when it comes to looking deep into the eyes of their loved one. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Those feelings make [...]

I do love

Ripping arrows through my chest, Heated heart rushed to rest. Hollow faith, shrill voice... My old man left me no choice. Cracked up doors, Begging for redemption. Did nothing as a sinister, Only that I was born of him. This blood fumes in deep, Same as him, Rage in massive heap. Putting an end to [...]

Depressed? – ‘Deep Rest’

I have this doubt. Do we talk about what we actually feel? Isn't there something which holds us back? Whenever someone asks, 'How are you?', our casual reflexes stretch to a safe zone which makes us say, 'I'm fine'. An edge we look out for because who wants to seem weak? Especially in a time [...]

Stay Alive ❤️

"Yes, they use your flaws to get back at you and let me tell you, there is no utter shame in being messed up or troubled. It is one phase which walks through all the stages of life, because humanity calls us to be flawed; To go from crumbled pages to well written books. From [...]

To my night sky friend

"Hey..." Well just a 'hey' could start up our conversation only if you wanted to talk. Although, earlier silly jokes and meme's would rush up our talks but now, it's been so long and I doubt you even remember what it feels like me, me being with you or just laughing at stupid stuff that [...]

‘She’ – The Cavalier

"That deep eyebrow scar, Baby crawled at the edge Who pushed her that far? Reasons of hating both, Seem unclear when they hisss... Petrifaction being the mode, Even that father Did not take a single hit. Two tormented female mind, One betrayed by patriarchy; Other, just colour blind. Early morning escapes, Peeping through the grey [...]

Craziest Mercenary with a writer

"From being an untended character, a mere parody to DC comic's 'Deathstroke' he became the not-so- heroic crazy superhero he is today. (Not bad) A disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary capable of healing himself at ease. Muscle to muscle, part to part. (Yeah yeah, they get it.) He has a vivid journey in comic books [...]